Underwater(works for Digital Culture class)

I create two pictures about underwater world using MagicaVoxel, a software for pixel style 3d model.

I was attracted by the pixel style and light and shadow rendered effects by this software at the begining. After trying, I found that the modeling part in this software was not very convenient, but the rendering part is easy to learn and works really well. So I would say MagicaVoxel is still worthy of trying.

In this project, I want to create a fantasy style underwater world. So I designed glowing jellyfish and the whale shadow in my first designed picture. I’m not sure this scene (jellyfish with whale)is really makes sense, it is just my imagination of the underwater world. And I try to add a submarine into the picture to add some story.

A human submarine broke into a fantastic underwater world .

I imagine I’m in a submarine and When I look up and I find a whale swimming over my head.

That is must a wonderful dream.IMG_0961

My blueprints


The final pictures


The synopsis of the story

The little boy woke up on a boat and he found that it was not his home. He was very flustered and wanted to go back.

A white little fox wants to use the boat to jump to the other side of the river, but he was caught by the boy.

The little boy found out that this was a fox who could speak, so the little boy begged to the fox to tell his my home.

The  fox clicked on the boy’s forehead with his claws and read the boy’s memory, saying that he did not know how to go back. The little boy was very sad. The fox continued to say that maybe the boy can follow him. he was going to ask the smartest peach fairy in the forest. (The peach fairy is the smartest person the fox regards, because the fox lives in this area. )

The boy and the fox went to the peach forest to ask the peach fairy. Peach fairy was a beautiful lady , she came out from the biggest peach tree in this area. The fox and the boy could not wait to ask their questions. The fox asked a question about his lost tail. The little boy was puzzled because the fox had a tail behind him. Then the fox turned a circle and showed his other seven tails. The fox said that he should have had nine tails, but he woke up with a tail missing. And nine tails meant he becoming an adult fox.

The peach fairy did not know where the little fox’s tail is, nor how to go back to the boy’s home. But the peach fairy said that maybe they can ask the water god in the lake, he knows more. The peach fairy felt that the depth of the forest was dangerous, and she sent a peach petal to protect them.

On the way to the lake, the boy squeezed a fox mud and show it to the fox. The little fox felt it was ugly, and he used a piece of wood to sculpt a beautiful fox to the boy. The boy liked the fox woodcarving and hung it around his neck with a tree vine.

The boy and the fox found the lake, and a huge turtle showed its head from the lake. The turtle  was the water god. He is like a wise old man. He speaks slowly and his eyes seem to be able to see through everything. He said that the boy was not belong to this world, and the little fox can’t find its tail. He also said that there is only one wise man who knows everything in this forest can answer their questions. He lives in the depths of the forest, but the depths of the forest are very dangerous.

The boy still wanted to find his way home. The little fox said that the tail of the 9th was very important to him. The growth of the 9th tail symbolizes adulthood, and he waited 100 years before he grew the 9th tail.

The water god offered a help for the boy and the fox to cross the lake quickly.


There are two versions of the following story, I have not yet decide which version to use.


Version 1

The road in the depths of the forest was difficult to walk. The boy was smashed by the tree vine and hit a hard object. The boy looked back and saw the eyes of a monster open behind him. The monster woke up and rushed to the boy and the fox. The fox held the boy’s collar and saved him. The Peach petals sent by the peach fairy became a wall that temporarily blocked the monster. The monster was not blocked for a long time, and it quickly rushed over to the boy.

At this time there was a gust of wind blew in the forest, a long whistle sounded, and the sky cast a huge shadow. The monster ran away. The little boy and the little fox looked up and saw a creature falling in front of them.

Version 2

The road in the depths of the forest was difficult to walk. The temperature was getting colder and the light was getting darker. Boy and fox slowed down the walking speed. They heard some strange sound and felt there were many eyes watching them in the darkness. 

At this time, a gust of wind blew, a big shadow appeared in the distance. It moved very fast, and soon the boy and the fox found it was a huge monster. Its head liked a goat, but its body liked a tiger, it looked terrible.

The monster rushed to the boy and the fox. The fox held the boy’s collar and saved him. The peach petals sent by the peach fairy became a wall that temporarily blocked the monster. The monster was not blocked for a long time, and it quickly rushed over to the boy.

The fox and the  boy closed their eyes in fear,they felt a wind blowing over the cheeks, but nothing happened. 

When boy and fox opened eyes and find a small goat stand in front of them, with a teasing smile. The goat said that many children liked to come here to disturb his dream, so he always acted as a monsters to scare people. But he knew the boy and fox had questions to ask.


This small creature was the wise man in the forest. He knew everything in now, past and future. Boy and fox were shocked by the size of him. They thought the wise man would be as huge as mountain. 

The wise man told the boy and the fox what happened before: the boy made a wish in his dream, the fox took this wish in dream, so the boy came here, and the fox lost a tail. The little boy remembered that he was watching an adventure story before going to bed and hoped that he could also take an adventurous journey.

The boy and the fox were sad for not finding a solution, and the wise said they needed a flower that can made a wish. The boy and the fox saw a very beautiful flower in the cave ahead in the direction of the wise man. The little boy and the little fox ran with joy, but there was only one flower, only one wish, and both of them hesitated. The little boy preemptively said [my wish is that the tail of the fox can come back]. In the surprised expression of the fox, a flash of light flashed, and the fox became a fox with nine tails.

The little fox was very moved. The little boy explained that because the fox saved his life and realized his own wishes, he also had a good friend.

The little fox also said that he was very happy to know the boy and told the boy that he had a nine tail now and could make a wish, so the boy could go home.

The boy’s body began to glow, and he floated away and moved further and further away from the ground. He saw the fox’s tail suddenly grow longer and wrapped the fox inside. Then The fox grew bigger and looked like a beautiful adult fox, with nine tails. 

The little boy woke up in bed, thinking that it was just a dream, but when he sat up and looked down, he found a fox wood carving on his neck. The little boy knew that this was not a dream, and he really participated in a wonderful adventure.

About Characters Design

Here is my character design. I have 6 characters now, and 2 of them are the main characters.

But there are not the final decision, I may make some change later. And I am still thinking about whether the wise man and the monster should be the same role.

boyImage001foxpeachfairyturtul2 21 2

Some Pictures


These pictures show some of the story scene, and many of them are not yet drawn in my storyboard yet. I painted these to make the colors and structure clearer in my mind.

An 3D animation project

•This is an adventure story, the main character is a little boy and a fox. The boy wants to find a way home and the fox wants to find his tail, so they start the journey together.
•This is a 3D animation, about 15 minutes long, and I want to spend a year to finish it. This semester I’ll focus on story, storyboards, character design, background design and role modeling.
following is something about the characters:
an ordinary boy who is eager for an adventurous journey


a white fox with nine tails, the nine tails symbolize adulthood. after waiting for 100 years, he finally grew the ninth tail, but when he woke up, the ninth tail was gone, so he was anxious to find his tail.
he usually hide other tails.


The fox will look like this when he becomes an adult.


A beautiful woman, very familiar with the fox, helps everyone like a older sister. Knowing all the things in the forest.
Like an old turtle, living in the lake, knowing all the things in the water.

His whole body is black, His mouth is bigand very powerful, and when he wake up, he will eat everything he can see

The smartest creature in the forest whoknows everything in the world and can see the past and the future. He let the fox to lose his tail and the  boy to come to the forest, and wanted to give them a test of growth.

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