The Difference of My characters in the dream world and the real world

My animation project  DayDream contains two dream worlds and one real world, and I try to make something different in these worlds.

First of all, My main character boy. The image of the boy in the real world is not very different from that in the dream world, but I have made some changes in the texture.

1. BOY

The boy in the real world looks more ordinary. I added some freckles on his face, hoping that he could look more ordinary and lovely. At the same time, his eye-lights are just natural reflection, which I hope can make the boy’s eyes look more real.

(This is just a preview, not a screenshot from the animation, but very close to the actual animation.)



For the image of the boy in the first dream world, I made a bold attempt in color.

I tried to add some purple and blue dots to the boy’s hair and skin, hoping that these special colors would add some sense of magic to this world.At the same time, I used a white circle to show the light in the boy’s eyes, which I hope is more cartoonish.




The second dream world is composed of dots and lines, which I will explain later.

But I was thinking that maybe I should make a bigger contrast of the boy’s image between real world and dream world, because I found that no one noticed the contrast between the images of boys in these two worlds.

2. FOX

The fox in the dream is actually a handmade fox toy in reality, so I chose floral cloth and brown buttons to make it, which are the material of a handmade toy in my memory.


The fox in the dream world is a lovely fox with big ears. I used blue and red to make it look unusual. It was a magical fox.



The real turtle is the boy’s pet turtle, I did not do very special design on it, just want it to look ordinary. But it had the same color and pattern as the turtle in dream world, and I kept his big eyes to show its loveliness.



The turtle in the dream carried a piece of ground and a big tree on his back. He usually slept in the water, which made him look like an island. I made some designs on the his head, which has stone scales and horns, a raised chin. And the shape of the head is a triangle, which makes it less like an ordinary turtle but has some dragon features. I re-mapped the tree on the back of the turtle and now it looks even older. I also added some plants to enrich the island.




I also added some yellow and blue dots on the distant mountains, hoping to add a sense of mystery to the dream world.



In the real world, I wanted to show more authenticity, so I added real wood texture, glass refraction, warm yellow light, tree shadows and other elements. But unfortunately the difference between the first dream world and real world is not great enough.


The first dream world is the surface layer of dream. I want to pursue the sense of painting, so all the maps in this world are painted.


The second dream world is the inner layer of dream, which is made up of lines and points and looks more abstract. I continue to use the blue color (which also appears many times in the first dream world), which I think is the color of magic and memory.




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