The Conclusion of DayDream Project

DayDream is my one-year 3D animation project.It’s 3 minutes and 37 seconds long, and you can watch it here:

This animation includes three worlds, the real world, the surface layer dream world and the inner layer dream world. The Boy entered the surface layer dream worlds when he fell asleep. Something in the boy’s life becomes magical things in the first dream world. The boy’s pet turtle became a giant turtle island, and his fox toy became a lovely magic fox. The turtle helps the boy enter the inner layer of dream world  in search of the fox. In the second dream world, the boy turned into a line drawing. There are countless blue dots in the sky, which look like stars, but they are actually pieces of memory. In the second dream world, the boy sees the things belonging to the first dream world (mountains, trees, lakes, turtle island), which are also filled with blue dots —— The whole dream world is full of the boy’s memory. Finally, the boy found the fox in his inner dream — the fox toy that the boy had forgotten.

I try to add my understanding and imagination of dream and reality, consciousness and unconsciousness, and hidden magic into my stories. Maybe these ideas  are not clear enough in the animation, and I know that there are some problems in expression in my animation. However, I have thought a lot and learned a lot in this year’s project. I really appreciate the help from my two mentors Jeremy Baker and Gavrilo Gnatovich, and other teachers and classmates in MFA project. I hope my next project can be better.

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