Underwater(works for Digital Culture class)

I create two pictures about underwater world using MagicaVoxel, a software for pixel style 3d model.

I was attracted by the pixel style and light and shadow rendered effects by this software at the begining. After trying, I found that the modeling part in this software was not very convenient, but the rendering part is easy to learn and works really well. So I would say MagicaVoxel is still worthy of trying.

In this project, I want to create a fantasy style underwater world. So I designed glowing jellyfish and the whale shadow in my first designed picture. I’m not sure this scene (jellyfish with whale)is really makes sense, it is just my imagination of the underwater world. And I try to add a submarine into the picture to add some story.

A human submarine broke into a fantastic underwater world .

I imagine I’m in a submarine and When I look up and I find a whale swimming over my head.

That is must a wonderful dream.IMG_0961

My blueprints


The final pictures


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