3D Animation Project

Now it is the end of the semester!

This semester I finish my storyboard (Thank you God), and most of my character model. Though I change the story which I write in the beginning, but also love this new version.

Still, my character is a boy, a fox, a turtle, a peach fairy… I like my characters

You can find my storyboard in the link below:

and also my model:

If you want to hear my long-winded description of this story, you can read the following words.

My new 3D animation project this year (2018) is a story about a boy’s adventure in his dream world. The story happened on a boring afternoon, a boy got bored with his homework and began to wander off. He drew a picture on the turtle tank and imagined his pet turtle bear a big tree. To his surprise, he entered the dream world. The boy woke up on a strange island, leaning against a big tree, which was his turtle’s shell. Then the boy saw a beautiful fox, the boy was attracted by fox and chased it all the way. The adventure journey started.


The story contains two layers of dreams, and I used some fantasy elements in it. When the boy woke up from the island, he came to the first dream. This world was like a fairyland in a fairy tale: beautiful nature, soft sunshine, fantasy creatures…… In the first dream, the boy saw the huge turtle which looked like an island (The boy was woke up on this island). And in the same time, his subconscious told him it was his pet turtle though they looked so different. Familiar thing made the boy feel at ease. Then the boy saw a beautiful white fox. The fox was actually a fox doll made by his mother, but the boy did not realize it in his dream. However, he was still attracted by the fox, and decided to pursue it. In the boy’s subconscious, the fox doll is the treasure in his childhood, and in the dream, it became the target of the boy’s adventure journey. In the process of chasing the fox, the boy got help from the peach fairy. In reality, it was a peach tree in front of the boy’s window. The boy looked at it every day, and it accompanied the boy grew up. The boy followed the fox into a mountain, then he came to the second dream. This dream world was different from the first one. It was dark and endless. This space had some lights flashed like stars, which made the space looked like universe. This beautiful and mysterious space excited the boy, especially when the boy found himself can float in the air. The boy did not forget to look for the fox, he floated and passed many places which seemed like the first world, and then came to a very dark place. When the boy felt lonely and confused, he saw his fox shining in a distance, and he became shining, too, which liked two stars in a dark universe. When the boy woke up from his dream, he found his fox doll appeared beside him at some time, he just thought that he had a good dream, without knowing that it was the magic of the things around him that brought him into this wonderful dream.

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