An 3D animation project

•This is an adventure story, the main character is a little boy and a fox. The boy wants to find a way home and the fox wants to find his tail, so they start the journey together.
•This is a 3D animation, about 15 minutes long, and I want to spend a year to finish it. This semester I’ll focus on story, storyboards, character design, background design and role modeling.
following is something about the characters:
an ordinary boy who is eager for an adventurous journey


a white fox with nine tails, the nine tails symbolize adulthood. after waiting for 100 years, he finally grew the ninth tail, but when he woke up, the ninth tail was gone, so he was anxious to find his tail.
he usually hide other tails.


The fox will look like this when he becomes an adult.


A beautiful woman, very familiar with the fox, helps everyone like a older sister. Knowing all the things in the forest.
Like an old turtle, living in the lake, knowing all the things in the water.

His whole body is black, His mouth is bigand very powerful, and when he wake up, he will eat everything he can see

The smartest creature in the forest whoknows everything in the world and can see the past and the future. He let the fox to lose his tail and the  boy to come to the forest, and wanted to give them a test of growth.

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